April 22, 2009

I’m not the type of person to write about my daily experiences. I have much respect and a tinge of envy for those that are able to write about the things that they do and have happen to them in such a way that they jump off of the page and form pictures in my mind.

Perhaps I am overly critical of myself, but I find that whenever I try to do that sort of writing it ends up feeling flat and forced. This is the same problem that affects me as a musician – I can perform other peoples material, but have never felt that I had anything to say lyrically that was worth committing to song.

What is the purpose of this blog, then? I am going to try to use this space to document some of the innumerable projects I have going on at any given time. I love working with my hands and solving problems, and I like to think that saving some of my techniques and processes in this space may help out a future googler working on a similar project.

I actually have a backlog of material that I will post here over the coming weeks and months. Some projects are completed, and some will provide details of ongoing efforts.

I hope that you will find my writing informative, inspirational or even entertaining.

Talk to you soon.

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