Mach3 Motor tuning for D&M 6 Mill

March 7, 2012

Peeling off the end label of the stepper motor revealed this information.

Now that I have Mach3 controlling the D&M 6, I need to fine tune the settings so the movements are accurate. This is done through a tuning process that involves measuring the TPI (threads per inch) of the lead screws in the mill as well as knowing the characteristics of the stepper motors.

This mill uses Astrosyn Miniangle Steppers type 34PM-C007.

The crucial bit of information I learned was that this is a 1.8 deg/step motor – in other words it takes 200 pulses to make a full revolution (360/1.8=200).

What I still haven’t completely figured out is the “encoder count” of my motor drivers – if I’m understanding correctly this is the number of encoder pulses that equals a step (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m firmly into guessing territory here.

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