D&M 6 Mill Upgrade

March 6, 2012

D&M 6 Machining Center

Vinyl cutter project is on hold. I am currently working on resurrecting this D&M 6 Milling Machine.

The original PC controller is long gone, so I have purchased the “Breakout Board Plus” from Bob Campbell and I’m working on getting the PC running Mach3 to talk with the D&M Machine.

The new board is installed, so hopefully today I will get some movement out of this machine!

We’re hoping to start machining some aluminum or mild steel on this machine. We are running V-Carve software so we likely won’t be doing much precision machining, more decorative type work.

Does anybody out there have any experience with this particular machine? Drop a comment if you have successfully modernized this particular mill.

In the background you can see the Spectralight lathe – that’s next on the agenda.

The lower right board is the Campbell breakout board in position.

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  1. How have you been making out on this project? I, too, have recently gotten a D&M 6 that I’d like to get running. Did you get any of the manuals, etc

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