Just In Time Debugger Fix

December 15, 2011

A friend presented his laptop with a “Just-In-Time Debugger” window that wouldn’t go away. Ran the usual anti-malware apps to no avail. Tried some of the dozens of registry edits found in a google search, didn’t work either (and the comments of the pages indicated that many others were having the same problem) A Microsoft [...]


Dell DVD Driver fix for Windows 7

December 8, 2010

Todays minor annoyance was found when trying to burn a CD from iTunes after upgrading to Windows 7. My DVD+-RW (Optiarc AD-7580s to be exact) was not recognized by my system, at all. The Dell provided firmware upgrade would not run as it would not recognize the drive (and I didn’t think it was a [...]


Dell Inspiron 530 Wireless Network Repair

May 7, 2009

The problem: Customer installed wireless network card not detecting networks. Should be working fine as a few months ago I had removed this card from the machine and installed it in another machine from the same house (apparently the kids needed to move the computers around) Everything looks fine from the outside: Before even thinking about [...]


Protect your computer using Deep Freeze

April 30, 2009

I often have people ask me about specific problems that their computers are having such as an application that won’t open, programs freezing or websites not loading properly, among other things. The thing about our standard Windows-based home PC’s is that they aren’t very “robust”. Over time, after enough little doodads and applications are installed, [...]


Backing up your digital pictures and other data

April 23, 2009

photo by misbehave I have had a few conversations lately regarding digital pictures and the desire to back them up. As we all know, if your hard drive crashes, you may lose all of your digital pics – and there are no negatives to save you! Data recovery is sometimes possible, but it can be [...]